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Coron Island Hopping Tours - A Tropical Symphony of Wonders

Explore the enchanting beauty of Coron with our meticulously crafted Island Hopping Tours. Each journey is a curated experience that unveils the diverse landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and captivating marine life that make Coron a tropical haven.

Tour A - The Coron Classics

Discover the timeless beauty of Coron's iconic destinations with Tour A. This adventure showcases the following enchanting spots

1. Kayangan Lake
2. Twin Lagoon
3. Siete Pecados Marine Park
4. Coral Garden
5. Beach 91

Tour B - Hidden Gems of Coron

Embark on a journey off the beaten path with Tour B, exploring the lesser-known yet equally captivating destinations

1. Malcapuya Island
2. Bulog Dos Island
3. Banana Island
4. Smith Coral Garden
5. Coco Beach

Tour C - Calauit Safari and Black Island Escape

Embark on a unique adventure with Tour C, blending wildlife encounters and island serenity

1. Calauit Safari
2. Black Island
3. Pass Island

Tour D - Remote Islands and Hidden Lagoons

Uncover the untouched beauty of remote islands and hidden lagoons with Tour D

1. Banana Lagoon
2. Malcapuya Island
3. Bulalacao Island
4. Dinlet Beach
5. Cathedral Cave

Book Your Coron Island Hopping Adventure Now!

Embark on a journey of discovery and wonder with Go Paradise Travel and Tours. Book your Coron Island Hopping tour and immerse yourself in the natural beauty and serenity of this tropical paradise.

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